Sunil Farlight 84 | His Skills, Level, Skins & More

Sunil Farlight 84| His Skills, Level, Skins & More

If you have mastered all the support heroes in Farlight 84, you must try Sunil, who can provide buff array and protection to the DPS in the comp. Since he does not have much sustainability, you must play him staying behind the front line, using skills which support the squad. Try to understand his playstyle to get maximum performance. Overall, you can upgrade Sunil up to level 10 in Farlight and with every advancement, his performance is enhanced on the battlefield.

Sunil’s Skills & Abilities

Hologram Guide
– It is his Ultimate Buff Skill.
– Sunil calls out Hologram guidance, dispelling all adverse effects from allies, while making him briefly immune to debuffs. It also increases the Movement Speed and Damage of all Allies for a short duration. You must use this ability when your teammates are under enemy’s push.

– It is his tactical skill in the game.
– He deploys a springboard that ejects the user at high speeds.
– You can use this ability to escape the danger situations.

– It is his passive skill.
– His Movement Speed increases while shooting.
– It would be better you take the high damage weapons while playing Sunil.

Suni’s Levels

All LevelsAbilities
2Increase Damage of Sunil by 8%
3His teammate’s revival time decreases
4Increases the Damage by again 8%
5The Springboard’s displacement effect is enhanced.
6Increase the Damage further by 8%
7Further reduces teammate’s revival time.
8Increase the Damage by 8%
9Tactical skill CD are reduced
10Increase the Damage by 8%

Sunil’s Skins

Here are all the Skins of Sunil in Farlight 84:

SkinsHow to Obtain them

Purchasing with 399 Diamonds or 30k Coins
1st skin of sunil in farlight 84
Vigor Frenzy
Obtainable from Events

Vanguard Commandar
Obtainable from Events
Cost 599 Diamonds
Chemistry skin of Sunil
Cost 399 Diamonds
Artisan Skin of Sunil Farlight 84
Cost 399 Diamonds