Whiteout Survival Best Heroes | Top 5 Collection

Whiteout Survival Best Heroes | Top 5 Collection

As we already know that Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play mobile game where you build a base, train troops, and battle other players. The goal of the game is to become the most powerful player in the world. Your goal is to rebuild civilization and expand your territory. Collect resources, build structures, and train troops to defend against the enemy. In this game, there’s a gacha feature where you can recruit different who are important to your city, as they can help you earn rewards. There are many heroes/characters available in Whiteout Survival, but this article will list out best among them:

1. Gina

Gina Whiteout survival

Gina is a highly versatile hero in Whiteout Survival, suitable for various activities. She has a balanced set of abilities that allow her to handle both multiple enemies and strong single targets, making her effective in almost any situation. Her increased crit rate makes her particularly skilled at dealing with tougher enemies. Gina passively reduces stamina consumption while increasing the march speed, which makes her a more useful character for exploration.

2. Natalia


Natalia is a powerful hero known for her destructive abilities. She can stun enemies with her first skill and deals damage on large areas of effect. Unlocking her can be challenging for free-to-play players, as she’s only available as a bonus from store purchases or in VIP packs. Natalia is not a tank, but her abilities are more focused on defense. When she’s attacked, she becomes more powerful, and she has skills that can stun and interrupt nearby enemies, even though they don’t deal much damage. Her defensive playstyle allows her to gain power.

3. Molly


Molly is one of the best legendary heroes in Whiteout Survival; her powerful skill that deals massive damage in a wide area. Her Exploration skills are also impressive, allowing her to camouflage and gain attack speed when her health is low. It’s best to position her in the back row to attack enemies from a distance with her first skill. Her exploration skills are good too, as she can stun enemies and boost the damage of friendly troops.

4. Patrick


There is only a good healer, and his name is Patrick. He can restore the health of nearby allies and reduce the damage they take. Placing him in the back row is best to increase his effectiveness, as he has low survivability. In addition to his passive healing, Patrick can actively heal all allied units and boost their attack for a short time. He’s a strong support hero, even in Expedition content, where he passively heals his troops every 12 turns and boosts their HP while he’s deployed in the field.

5. Zinman


Zinman is the best support character in Whiteout Survival. He mainly offers passive buffs to his teammates. He boosts their attack speed and significantly increases his defense when his HP falls below 50%. In other types of content, Zinman is valuable as he can passively enhance the construction speed of your settlement and reduce the cost of upgrading buildings. However, getting him may be difficult due to his SSR rarity.