Death Wave Marvel Snap Guide

Death Wave Marvel Snap Guide

This article will guide you with the Marvel Snap Death Wave deck, its variants, uses, and build.

Death Wave Deck

Death is a Marvel Snap Deck from pool 3 (collection level 486-?) which costs 9 energy. It has 12 power having the speciality of costing 1 energy less for each of the cards destroyed during the game. You will find the Death deck in Pool 3 from collection level 486, and you can purchase it through the Marvel Token Shop for around 1,000 collector tokens.

Wave is a Marvel Snap Deck from pool 3 (collection level 486-?) costing 3 energy with only 3 power. But it has the effect of cards in both players’ hands to cost only 4 energy for the next turn when revealed during the game.

Death Wave Deck Build

Death wave deck should consist of some of the following cards for the best chances of success of the deck:

On reveal, carnage destroys our other cards on that location but provides +2 power for each card destroyed. It can help in lowering the cost of Death.

This card costs 1 energy and has the effect to destroy the opponent’s top card of the deck when revealed. The destroyed card’s power can lower the cost of Death too.

When Killmonger is played or revealed, he destroys all the other cards with the power 1 on the game which can be useful for Snap Death. Paired with other 1-cost cards, this benefits us much more in the game.

Squirrel girl
Squirrel Girl costs 1 energy for 1 power but on reveal provides a 1 power squirrel on each location which can be useful as destroy targets to lower our card cost.

Wave has the effect of on reveal making both user’s cards cost 4 energy during the next turn. It can be beneficial for us to use Death along with other cards, which is the main idea behind the deck

Shang-chi affects reveal to destroy all the cards of the enemy with the power 9 or more at that location.

Our key card of the Snap deck, Death costs 1 less for each card destroyed during the game. Pairing it with Wave and other cards can help us use it for a very low cost with efficiency.

She-hulk can act as an alternative. It has the 1 less cost effect for each unspent energy so it costs low if used correctly, such as 2 energy.

How to Use Death Wave Deck?

Death Wave Deck is a Snap deck based on using Wave and Death cards with other cards with low-cost energy. The general idea is to use Wave around turn 5, and then on the next turn, you will have low costing energy cards due to the effect of Wave.

Then this can be used for a Death card along with another additional card on turn 6 for massive power and low energy cost.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to necessarily use Death every game as games vary from each other, but you can instead use other cards such as the She-hulk card if required.

Death and Wave variants in Marvel Snap

Season Pass Variant

Super Rare Pool

Super Rare Pool