Marvel Snap Venom | How to Get & its Variants

Marvel Snap Venom | How to Get & its Variants

Venom is a Marvel Snap Card from pool 3 (collection level 486-?) which costs three energy and has only one power as the Basic power number. But it comes with the effect of an ‘On reveal’ type that destroys all the other cards of that location. Then gives the power to those destroyed cards in the game.

Venom Variants are an upgrade to the look of the deck, which affects the visual, making it more glowing, and colourful. In simple words, like other games containing different skins for their game materials, the variant is like the skin in Marvel Snap.

However, in Marvel Snap, variants don’t directly affect the card’s abilities and capabilities, leaving their power, and energy all as it is. Variants are cosmetic enhancements to the outer appearance of the card and their effect animations.

How to Get Venom in Snap?

Venom is a Series 3 card found in Pool 3 from collection level 486. You can unlock Snap Venom by purchasing it through the Marvel Token Shop for around 1,000 collector tokens.

Make sure to know how to use the Venom card after getting it else you will do yourself more harm than to enemies due to his effect of destroying our cards.

Venom Variants in Marvel Snap

Among the Snap Decks, Venom has one of the most variants. Variants of Venom are popular all over, and many people use different variants according to their liking. Some of the variants of the Venom are given in the table:

Base card
Its source is Pool 3. The artist is Jonboy Meyers, who did the coloring of the artwork too.

The pixel variant of Venom has cute artwork following the style of pixel art. The artist and colourist is G-Angle. It is 700 gold.

A variant is from the source Rare pool with 700 gold. Its artist is Ryan Stegman, and the colourist is Frank Martin.

This Rare pool-sourced baby variant of venom was made by Skottie Young, who also coloured it. It is 700 gold.

This variant’s source is Super Rare Pool costing 1200 gold. Its awesome artwork was done by Artist Kael Ngu and it was coloured by them as well.

Kim Jacinto
is variant’s source is Super Rare Pool costing 1200 gold. This artwork was done by Artist Kim Jacinto and coloured as well by them.

Fiona Hsieh
The artwork looks awesome it was made by Fiona Hsieh and coloured by them too. Its source bundles.

This variant appears terrifying in a good way. The brilliant artist and colorist are In-Hyuk Lee.

Dan Hipp
Artist Dan Hipp made this artwork and coloured it as well.

Meal time
he Meal Time variant of venom was made by Artist David Nakayama and coloured by him as well.

How to Unlock Variants

You can unlock variants of the Venom deck in Snap in various ways. One of the common ways is to purchase through the Marvel Shop. Another way is to grind, level up and obtain from the seasonal pass. You can also get variants in bundles or as gifts.

However, some variants can be time-based and can be obtained during a certain event. Remember that sure variants are cool to have, but you don’t necessarily need them to enjoy the game!