How to reach in conqueror in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

Reach in conqueror in BGMI? Battleground mobile India(BGMI): HD photo

Every Battleground mobile India Player (BGMI) wants to reach the conqueror tier. Why? Because if they touch the top rank, their reputation, confidence, and skill increase. 

On the new rank system(cycle season), it’s a bit difficult to get a conqueror in BGMI because the season long-lasts only for 2 months. Therefore, anyhow players have to prove themself a pro within 8 weeks- less time.

Today, we will discuss the tips to reach the conqueror rank in TPP squad mode in battleground mobile India. However, before that, you need to know the TPP squad matches are too competitive. Therefore, firstly, you need to focus on these basic things to get conqueror rank:

  • Buy the best headphone.
  • Play on the best device. (Better processor and RAM)
  • Play on high-speed internet.
  • Spend more time- Play at least 7-8 hours daily to reach your destination.

Here are the tips to reach in conqueror tier in BGMI

Choose the right squad.

How to reach in conqueror in BGMI?

On the TPP squad mode, you will face many skilled players in the battleground. Therefore, you need a perfect squad to get some advantages like:

  •  To share supplies, 
  • Maintain communication, 
  • Decision making 
  • To give cover fire. The right partner will try to win for themselves and also for you.

Start immediately

You should start your rank pushing mission immediately after the new season starts. 

Because you know to push tier to the conqueror, you have to get top 500 position and 4200 points. Therefore, if you start from the first day, you will reach your destination quicker. 

However, if you miss a single day, you will get some challenges to get the required points and position. Also, the high competition will disturb you. So, the sooner you start, the faster you will push your rank to the conqueror in BGMI.

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Select best drop point

Choosing the drop location before landing on the island is the best strategy to complete your mission quickly. 

Your drop point inside any map should be safe and full of loots. So, I suggest you drop in the marked area of the Erangle map to get some advantages.

Best place to reach in conqueror in BGMI

In these places, you will get enough loot, also you will be safe until 1-2 zone. And if you survive until the 2nd zone, no need to worry about the point minus.

Try long-range battle

Fighting from the long-range is another best idea to get finishes and survive time.

So, after you collect enough loot, stay in the center or, the surface of a safe zone like squad houses compounds to get full of cover. And in the safe zone, you can handle your opponent easily. 

But don’t try to rush on your enemy until you don’t prepare for that. Knock your enemy for the long-range instead and finish them coming close to them. 

So, try to fight with your enemy from a distance of 300-600 meters to become a conqueror in battleground mobile India(BGMI).

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I reach in conqueror in BGMI within 1 day?

No one can play BGMI for 24 hours continuously. But, if you play the game for 15 hrs a day without a mistake, you will become a conqueror in 2 days.

  • How many points are needed to get the conqueror title in BGMI?

In battleground Mobile India, your position should be in the top 500, and you have to earn 4200 points to get the conqueror title.

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