How to be a BGMI pro in a Low-end mobile? Some tips

How to be a BGMI pro in a Low-end mobile? Some tips

The player has a high-end device that can play the BGMI smoothly. However, the BGMI players who play on the low-end mobile struggles to become pro.

If you have a mobile with 2GB or 3GM RAM and your opponent is playing on the branded device, you will face many challenges because of Frame rate(FPS).

And other problems of playing the battleground mobile India game on the Low-end mobile are:

(I) No bullet register
If you spray on your enemy, the bullets go in the wrong direction because of the low processor and RAM. As a result, you will lose close-range fights.

(II) Lagging while pushing
When the enemy push upon you or you rush upon your enemy, your mobile creates lagging if it is low-end.

(III) Difficulty in aiming
It’s hard to aim the head and body of the opponent by using the less than 3GB RAM phone.

But don’t worry about whatever device you have because the only weak device can’t stop you from becoming a BGMI pro.

Some tips to become BGMI pro in a low-end mobile

Use GFX and increase the performance.

to be a BGMI pro in a Low-end mobile, use GFX and increase the performance.

Firstly, you should think about improving the gaming performance of the game. The low FPS and lagging swipe off your good mood in the best situations.

Therefore, use the best GFX tools to play the BGMI smoothly and become a pro. You will get many GFX on the store that can improve your gameplay and performance significantly.

Don’t land on hot-drops and competitive zones.

The hot drops are the location where the many player’s lands. But, you should not go to the hot-drops in the BGMI– not because you are unskilled but because you don’t have the best device to handle the situations.

If you have a mobile below 3GB RAM, there will be a high chance of device heating and lagging.

So, try to show your skills in the safe zones where the few players land.

Here are some best places to land in the ERANGLE MAP suitable for the BGMI player with 2GB, 3GB RAM.

est places to land in the ERANGLE MAP suitable for the BGMI player with 2GB, 3GB RAM.

Don’t join 3rd party battle.

In the place like an apartment, squad house, near bridge the war takes place frequently between many players. And, try to avoid joining those 3rd party fights to serving longer.

If you go for a rush un such war, your low-end phone starts lagging and game over. But, you can go there after the end of the battle to finish the remaining enemies.

Don’t pay with rusher Noobs.

On battleground mobile India, some player only plays to take rush upon other. They don’t care how many enemies are there in the area.

And you should avoid playing with such rushers. Why? Because if you play with them, they will take you to a dangerous situation and place. And if they do so, you will get problems, don’t you?

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