Anger power spin in Pubg mobile\BGMI: How to get new mythic items?

Anger power spin in Pubg mobile\BGMI: How to get new mythic items?

The anger power spin is now available in the BGMI\Pubg mobile on the occasion of Halloween.

From this spin, you can get mythic dresses as the main reward. Also, you will get different skins as a bonus reward.

The top 4 mythic outfits that you can unlock from anger power event in Pubg mobile\BGMI are:

(I) Occult sorcerer set+Occult sorcerer cover
(II) Vampiric touch set+Vampiric touch cover
(III) Bond of blood set+Bond of blood cover
(IV) Mecha Reaper set+Mecha Reaper cover

Here is the all reward collection of anger power events:

Occult sorcerer-crowbar0.33%Vampiric touch Parachute0.68%
Random Luck crate10.85%Power coin(X1, X5,X2)32.54%
Cosmic probe-Pan0.33%Bonds of blood set0.05%
Bonds of empress cover0.11%Mecha Rapper set0.05%
Mecha Reaper cover0.11%Vampiric touch cover0.11%
Vampiric touch set0.05%Occult sorcerer set0.05%
Occult sorcerer cover0.11%Sweet death ornament 0.54%
Spark molotov cocktail0.41%Mecha reaper Scard0.16%
Boost coin(X5 and X3)8.13%
Cosmic probe helmet 0.33%
Kegs up backpack0.33%

So, you can see, the chance of getting those four mythic set and cover is less in comparison other items.

However, if you have enough UC, you can unlock Occult sorcerer set and cover, Vampiric touch set and cover, bonds of blood set and cover, Mecha Reaper set and cover from the spin effortlessly in Pubg mobile\BGMI.

How to unlock all mythic outfits from anger power spin in Pubg mobile\BGMI

1. Spin for 100\200 times

The anger power legendary items create consists of seven legendary rewards.

In the 100th time, you can unlock one reward for sure from the crate.

Similarly, if you spin for the 200 times, you can get one mythic set or cover for sure from the anger power legendary crate.

So, If you want to unlock the mythic dresses and cover at any cost, spin for at least 200 times.

2. Purchase from event shop

If you don’t believe in your luck, you can purchase the reward from the event shop by using power coins.

You know, the chance of getting power coins from the power anger spin is high. Only you have to spend UC for more spin.

So, collect more power coins and buy all the rewards directly from the event shop.

3. Bonus tip
anger power spin in Pubg mobile\BGMI

If you don’t have enough UC to rely on your luck, you can save some UC from daily spin.

The cost of a daily spin offer is only 10 UC a spin. So, don’t miss the opportunity.


  • What is the use of Boost coin?
Boost coin in Pubg mobile\BGMI: Anger power spin

The boost coin is also a reward of anger power spin in Pubg mobile\BGMI.

So, you can use the boost coin to increase your luck of getting mythic and legendary items using the lucky card.

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