How to get Noob players in the Free fire ranked matches?

Noob players in the Free fire

In Free fire, Noob players are those who don’t have fighting or survival skills. They are new FF players.

With the help of the Noob, you can push your rank to the heroic, grandmaster tier quickly. Also, you can maintain your KD ratio at the best level.

If your lobby is weak, you can get lots of kills in every ranked match with booyah.

And you know the rank points depend upon three things:

  • Kills
  • Booyah
  • Survival

And Noob looby makes all three things possible.

If you play the Free fire for the first time, you will get Noobs at any time you start the match- because the game allows improving your control, skills, and rank.

However, the more you improve your gameplay and rank, the fewer Noobs you will get in the FF battleground.

So the question is can I get Noob players in the higher tier and level? Let’s discuss

The best way to get Noob players to lobby in the ranked match of Free fire

Play with the new players

How to get Noob players in the Free fire ranked matches?

You should make a teammate whose rank, KD, and Level are low to get Noobs in the matches.

The new players get a chance to fight with the Noob(Noob VS Noob).

So, if you make Noob players as your squad or duo, you will get the advantages.

(I) Invite new players for the matches.
(II) Give them leadership to start the match.

(Remember, your teammate, squad’s level should be below 20)

Another Trick

Some players play Free fire only for fun- they don’t think about their rank, KD.

Due to carelessness, these kinds of players don’t have high statistics. So, playing with such players is the best idea to get the Noob lobby in FF.

Search for players who don’t care about the rank and have a low rank.

But remember, his\her tier should not be more than the platinum tier.

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