How to get more rank points in Free fire for heroic and grandmaster?

How to get more rank points in Free fire for heroic and grandmaster?

Free fire is a battle royale game with various maps, features, and modes. It is the most downloaded game, and millions of players remain active daily. And the only goal of every Free fire player is to get more rank points to reach in the heroic or grandmaster tier.

The reputation and status of your profile depending upon your rank. If your tier is high, then it proves you are a pro player with superior skills.

And you know, your surviving skills, kills, and booyah decides your rank. So, let’s discuss the idea to increase rank points to become a god of Free fire.

The best tip to increase rank points in free fire

As you know, it’s hard to get a plus rank point on the diamond tier to reach heroic. Similarly, you will hardly get some plus points in heroic to jump on the grandmaster.

Meaning, until you reach the diamond, you will get plus rank points effortlessly. However, the higher rank you get, the fewer rank points you will get in the FF. Therefore read this tip carefully:

Just focus on getting booyah with dedication.

Booyah in Free fire- Focus on getting booyah in every matches rather than kills.

From the diamond tier, you will get a few rank points. However, if you fail to get booyah or someone killed your character in the first circle, then your hard-earned points will get a minus.

And you know it’s a challenging task to bring back lost points in the FF. Therefore, try to focus on booyah with the help of these ideas:

(I) Go far from plan path

Near of the plane path, you will see many enemies who play rush. So, if you play around the path, you will get many challenges for survival. Therefore, land far from the aeroplane path to increase rank point fast in FF.

(II) Play circle to circle

It means, after you go far from the aeroplane path and take the loot, you should avoid the centre of the safe zone.

In that area, you will encounter pro-enemies who are masters of hot drops. So, try to survive 2 circles by avoiding enemies to get more rank points for heroic\grandmaster in Free fire.

(III) Try to become the top 3

If you become a top 3 player on the FF battleground, you can save your points from getting a minus. After you get that position, you will not lose your points even though you fail to get booyah.

However, sometimes this trick doesn’t work because most of the time, the rank point depends upon the survival time.

Do high kills good for the plus rank point in FF?

High kills in Free fire can help you to get rank points quickly.

Yes, you can rank up quickly by getting more kills in the Free fire. But, if you only focus on getting kills for the rank, then you will fail.

Because on the rank push lobby, you will not get a single Noob player. So, try to level up to rank points by getting booyah rather than high kills.

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