Here’s how you can reach in Ace tier in PUBG mobile.

reach in Ace tier in PUBG mobile season 17
Reach ace

The popular E-sport PUBG mobile has brought endless fun and entertainment in the new season. While taking the benefit of new surprises, Ace tier players are trying to get the conqueror rank. Whereas, the crown and diamond ranked PUBG players are trying to reach the Ace tier.

Therefore, I want to say, getting an Ace tier is much easier than reaching in the conqueror privilege.
Also, I will give you tips according to my experience to get the Ace tier in PUBG mobile.

How to reach easily in Ace tier in PUBG mobile?

Tier record

These tips will help you to reach easily in Ace rank in PUBG new season:

Use rating protection card

Rating protection card is used to save or maintain the points even though your enemy kills you.

Therefore, you should use the ‘rating protection card’, when you want to push rank.
Otherwise, don’t waste your hard-earned protection card, if you are playing them for entertainment purposes.

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You should use a rating protection card from Crown III to reach the Ace level.
So, you should know when to use a rating protection card to get Pubg Ace rank.

Try to give damage

It’s a risk to fight closely with your enemies. And fortunately, you get extra points by shooting them from a long distance.

Therefore, you should not fight in close range to get PUBG ace rank. Because despite you are the best player, it’s hard to predict the position of the enemies.

So, as much as possible, focus on damage instead of killing them. Otherwise, you will not know when you are killed and lost hard-earned points.
Therefore, select long-range weapons like, M24, KAR98K, SKS. SLR.

Do camping

Camping is necessary either your target is to go on conqueror, ace, gold, diamond or, platinum.
But camping is not enough if you don’t choose safe places like squad houses, safe apartments.
The benefit of camping is to increase the survival time to get easily more points to reach in the PUBG ace tier.

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Focus on health kits

The more you consume health kits, the more you will get points. So, you should carry more health kits like the first kit, painkiller, energy drink, bandages while on a mission.
So, the best location to consume health is the first and second blue zone.

But to get more rank points from the health kit, you should consume, only when you get damage from your enemy.

Escape hot drops

Hot drops are the place where you will face many enemies at once. Therefore, After you land on the ground, your first objective is to escape the hot drop places.

For example, you land in the Aeroplan line that is a danger zone. So you have to search for the vehicle to travel far from there.

Remember, distance travel help you to boost Pubg rank to reach the Ace tier.
Because long travel increases your survival times and helps you to make better strategies.

Make a wise decision.

Obviously, most of the player loses the points during the blind rush, because they don’t know what to do. But, the blind rush is not a situation to panic. Instead, you should think wisely, which weapon is suitable to use at that time. For example, you should use throwable weapons to distract and kill them.

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Pick up smokes

If you need winner, winner chicken dinner, you should pick up enough smokes grenades. Because it helps in the last circle when you don’t have any cover.

Also, the smoke grenade is the best weapon to be used in an open place. Therefore, don’t forget to carry them with you to win the battle, so that you can reach the Ace title in PUBG mobile.


Ace tier

I reached in the Ace title using those strategies that I gave you.
However, tips are not only enough, because every player faces a different situation in the battleground.

Therefore, you must play the game without disturbance. And for that, you should have a separate routine to play the game.

I want to say, practice more and more, and follow those working tips, you will reach in the ace tire easily in PUBG mobile new season.

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