Best bus simulator games that you can download on your android

Best bus simulator games for android

The bus simulator games of the android phone give a real-life bus driving experience to the players. In these games, you can drive the buses on challenging and crowded routes to prove yourself a pro bus driver in the world.

So, let’s discuss the best free bus simulation games with outstanding graphics, features, control, and tracks.

5 best bus simulator games for android

The android bus simulator games included in this article are both online and offline and you can download them for free from the play store.

Bus simulator ultimate

Best bus simulator games that you can download on your android

This game has realistic routes and maps from different locations like the US, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, and Azerbaijan, where you can drive the buses on the different routes with smooth control.

The bus simulator ultimate game lets you establish your bus company to be the largest business in the world. This game carries the passengers on highway toll roads and gets a social and realistic reaction from them.

  • 13 amazing coach bus
  • Realistic traffic system, weather environment, and sound effects.
  • Realistic interior and Rest areas
  • More than 250 radio stations.

Heavy bus simulator

It is a free bus simulator game for android that lets you become the best bus driver with the best experiences.

This bus simulation game has many cities, and you can drive in Brazil passing on mountain roads, and off-roads with your passengers.

And you can change the skin of your buses with beautiful paints for better gameplay and driving experience.

  • Realistic gameplay and new artificial intelligence
  • Realistic interiors.
  • Dust, radar, traffic ticket, fuel consumption system
  • Outstanding graphic quality

Bus simulator Indonosia

Drive your favourite bus on the highly realistic 3D Indonesian weather and environment. The game will let you experience how it feels when you become a bus driver in Indonesia.

So, get full of fun with easy control by driving Indonesian buses and carrying passengers to prove yourself a world-class driver.

  • Design your own Livey
  • Drive buses in Indonesian cities and places
  • Save the progress online
  • Use your 3D model using the vehicle mod system in the game.

World bus driving simulator

Best bus simulator games that you can download on your android

It is a superb and addictive bus simulation game that lets you drive buses in theBrazil and the world through challenging roads. The graphic quality is awesome.

Also, you can customize it to run smoothly on low-end mobile. Also, change the appearance of your buses for your passengers to drive them in different weather conditions.

So, take the challenge on the open-world map with several cities to taste your driving skills.

  • Automatic and manual gearbox.
    2. Adjust string sensitivity and control type.
  • Realistic graphic with changing climate and cycle day and night.
  • GPS on the dashboard and many more.

India Bus simulator

It is an open-world bus simulation game with a route connecting Chennai and Banglore in India. The design of all the buses in the game is based on the latest vehicle released on the market.

The payer can customize the bus looks for the passenger to get a realistic feeling of the bus driver.

So, your objective is to earn and save money to own your dream transport company in India.

  • Grow your business from zero
  • Rent out buses from your fleet.
  • Add more features on the buses like AC, blankets, pillows, movies, TV, GPS location, and many more.
  • Enjoy the challenging routes and be the no. 1 driver in India.

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