How to get chicken dinner in every match in BGMI\Pubg mobile?

How to get chicken dinner in every match in BGMI\Pubg mobile?

Every BGMI\Pubg mobile player starts a match on a different map, but the only goal is to get a chicken dinner. But one question is- Is it easy to get chicken in BGMI\Pubg mobile? And, the answer is no. To get chicken dinner, you should avoid many mistakes, and you have to learn many skills and techniques.

Which map is best to get chicken dinner in Pubg mobile\BGMI?

Small maps are best to get chicken quickly

There is a total of 5 maps in BGMI and Pubg mobile. They are Livik, Sanhok, Miramar, Erangle, and Karakin. On Livik and Karakin map, the battle takes between 60 players. Whereas, on Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok, 100 players fight each other.

So, if you have good squad members, the Livik is the best for chicken dinner in every match of BGMI\Pubg mobile. On this map, you can get enough loot with few players. Also, the Livik is best to find more bots.

However, on the Karakin map, you will get more glitches than other maps. And Sanhok, Erangle, and Miramar are large maps, and the match remains longer. So, there it’s a bit difficult to survive till the end.

But, only the map selection is not everything to get chicken in the match. So, let’s know more.

5 Tips to get chicken dinner in every BGMI\Pubg mobile match

Best teammate
Best aiming in BGMI\Pubg mobile

You know, teamwork is everything to achieve any goal. The team is necessary for communication, planning, and sharing. So, if your teammate is perfect and helpful, you will win. The best squad and duo is the first thing you should consider to get chicken in Pubg mobile\BGMI.

Use two-vehicle
Use vehicle to get chicken dinner in PUBGM and BGMI match

If you play with a squad, it’s better to use a two-vehicle during the match. If you do so, your enemy can’t give perfect spray, and your teammate will be safe.

But if you and your squad travel on one vehicle, then the problem creates. If your vehicle blast, all members will become a Peti in a second. So, one player should drive a buggy, and the other three should use UAZ.

Avoid unnecessary fights

The problem of most players is they take part in third-party battles. For example, if the two squads are fighting, they rush upon them without any plan. But, you have to avoid such mistakes.

If other enemies are fighting each other, let them fight and don’t rush upon them until the battle finish. And after the end of the fight, you can rush upon them. Because you know the battle only stops when a single party survives.

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Stay in a single place and hold

This trick is best to get chicken dinner in every match of BGMI\Pubg mobile. Most of the top global conquerors use this idea.
(I) Firstly, they land on location before others arrive there.
(II) They collect the best loot items.
(III) And they find the best cover and hold there.

Some places for best camping and cover in BGMI\PUBGM are:
(I) Pochinki squad house
(II) School apartment
(III) Bridge camp
(IV) Georgepul squad house
(V) Yasana apartment

In these places, if anyone rushes on you, you will get the best advantage for chicken.

Last zone tip
Chicken dinner in last zone in BGMI and Pubg mobile

In the last zone, there is a high chance of failure. Every player sleep and they don’t show any action. As a result, it’s hard to locate them in the final zone. So, how to win the last zone in Pubg mobile\BGMI?

(I) Use a smoke grenade to block enemies’ view.
(II) Don’t fire without reason.
(III) Use flag grenade and Molotov cocktail
(IV) Make cover line by destroying vehicles in the safe zone.
(V) Don’t run and drive in an open zone.
(VI) Use AR, not sniper

Frequently asked question

  1. Among solo, Duo, squad, which mode is best to get chicken dinner in Pubg mobile\BGMI?

Among all modes, the squad match is best to get chicken dinner. With the squad, you can play better and without fear. And you will get support from your squad members.


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